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Tree and Shrub Food 19-8-10 (4 lbs)

19-8-10 with Trace Elements

  • Not Necessary To Dig Holes When Used As Directed

Healthy trees and shrubs help accent the hard work you put into your lawn and landscape. This fertilizer was developed to help make your landscape work easier and to help supply plant nutrients needed for healthy trees and shrubs. Developed for all types of trees and shrubs including shade trees, fruit trees, nut trees, evergreens, oaks, citrus trees, tropical trees including palms, and flowering trees. This product is a formulated plant food, which helps feed the millions of feeder roots of trees and shrubs. Use this product by evenly distributing on the ground out under the widest spread of branches and WATERING THE AREA THOROUGHLY AFTER APPLICATION . It is not necessary to dig holes.


  • Trees: Feed trees twice a year. For 1/2 inch diameter, apply 1/4 lb. For 1 inch diameter, apply 1/2 lb. For 2 inch diameter, apply 3⁄4 lb. For 3 inch diameter, apply 1.5 lb. For 4 inch diameter, apply 2 lb. For 5 inch diameter, apply 2.5 lb. For 6 inch diameter, apply 3 lb. For 7 inch diameter, apply 1 lb. per additional inch diameter.
  • Shrubs: Feed shrubs twice a year by applying 1⁄2 cup per square yard of soil area, which is from base of shrub to 2 feet beyond the widest spread of branches.

Tree and Shrub Food 19-8-10 (4 lbs)

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