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One of the most frequently asked questions we have at The Urban Garden is, "is it okay to plant now?" We have noticed that in the last couple of years a lot of customers have been moving here from out of state, are new to our climate and ever changing weather, and this seems to go hand in hand with the confusion of when to plant annuals and when to plant perennials in Colorado.


To start off with what is an annual?

An annual is a plant that can be a perennial in other climate zones, but is a seasonl plant in Colorado that will provide lasting color and appeal throughout our Spring, Summer, and Fall. These plant's cannot with stand our freezing temperatures however and will die after the weather starts to cool and will not return. Annuals tend to be less expensive than perennials, and therefore are a good way of adding color to planters, window boxes, and raised beds without the added expense.


Planting annuals between the end of April until the beginning of June is the best time for the showy one season plants. You will notice that garden centers stop carrying annuals around June because the transition to planting perennials has now begun!


A perennial is any plant, tree, or shrub that can overwinter in Colorado outside and come back for the entirety of it's life span year after year in the ground. At The Urban Garden we carry hundreds of perennials all grown IN Colorado FOR Colorado.


So when is it a good time to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs?


The answer is now. These plants are grown for the variety of different weather we endure in Colorado and between early spring and late fall there really is no wrong or right time to plant. If a cooler day is when you prefer to plant for your own sake of not dying of heat stroke...that's great! 


Another way of looking at it...if the plants can survive in black plastic containers throughout our Spring, Summer, and Fall without fail, they certainly will do better once they are tucked away in your garden.

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