• Our annuals season starts early to mid-April and lasts through June. We buy ALL COLORADO GROWN ANNUALS.

  • We are known for our huge variety of herbs, veggie starts, tomato plants, hanging baskets, and bedding plants.

  • Annuals are best planted in containers, Perennials are best planted in the ground.

  • Annuals live for one season, whereas perennials live for 2 or more (often many more) seasons.

  • Our inventory is taken care of unlike any other garden center in Boulder County, we pride ourselves on pruning, fertilizing and giving you a plant with the best chance of surviving our harsh climate. 

  • Plants that are perennial other places can be annual in Colorado and vise versa. We are Zone 5.

  • Annuals need fertilizer and good soil to thrive along with proper watering. Miss one crucial step and you won't have as much success, ask us about what fertilizer and soil you need for your specific spot.