say no to ugly stakes

(they take away so much of the beauty)

say yes to arborbrace $29.99/kit

(landscape discount pricing available)

Why Use Arborbrace Tree Guying Kits?

Arborbrace's tree guying system has quickly become one of the most respected and admired systems in the tree staking market today.   The Arborbrace system offers a superior replacement for lodge poles, wire and wood stakes, T-Posts, and wire & Garden hose.   It installs faster and is a fraction of the cost of other guyline based systems.

Arborbrace is the fastest, most cost effective, professional tree guying system to date...   Period!

  • Nearly 3x faster to install than lodge poles

  • Requires no special tools

  • Tension buckles eliminates the need for turnbuckles

  • System comes ready to install

  • Blends into the landscape

  • Proven system preferred by Landscape Contractors